Guiltless Gastos: Which Lip And Cheek Tint Is The Most Sulit?

Shop wisely!

We'll always love lip and cheek tints because they're easy to use and come at affordable price tags. They also last longer than our past relationships, LOL. TBH, we think we can survive a day with just a tube of lip and cheek tint in our makeup bags. A little color on our cheeks and pout is enough to make us look extra cute!

That said, we compared popular lip and cheek tints to find out which is the most sulit buy. Our recommendations depended on each product's weight, price, and staying power. Check out our list below:

KJM Cosmetics Cheek.Lip

This IG-famous water-based lip and cheek tint is available in a variety of colors. Our favorite shade from the whole line is Bewitched because its berry hue looks great on fair skin and morenas.

Long-wearing score: 4/5

Price per gram: P110/10ml = P11 per milliliter

Is it sulit? YES!

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KJM Cosmetics Cheek.Lip, P110, Lazada

Skin Potions Sugar Flush

We don't know anyone who doesn't love Skin Potions Sugar Flush Tints. The shades are pretty amazing and the color payoff is great, too! The best part: Sugar Flush Tints are sweatproof and food-proof!

Long-wearing score: 4/5

Price per gram: P120/10ml = P12 per milliliter

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Is it sulit? YES!

Skin Potions Sugar Flush, P120, Lazada

Colourette Colourtint

Colourette wasn't lying at all when they said their tints are pigmented. The Colourette Colourtint's oil-based formula comes in an opaque finish so you'll only need a tiny dot of the Colourtint for both your cheeks. It also lasts long on the lips—even after eating greasy pizza!

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Long-wearing score: 5/5

Price per gram: P299/12ml = P24.92 per milliliter

Is it sulit? YES!

Colourette Colourtint in Lucy, P299, Lazada

Generation Happy Skin Kiss & Bloom Water Lip & Cheek Tint

Happy Skin never fails us when it comes to creating shades that are universally flattering for Pinays. We're particularly leaning towards Serene, which is a pink-red tint that creates a "just pinched" look on the cheeks and an MLBB hue on the lips.

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Long-wearing score: 4/5

Price per gram: P329/6.5ml = P50.61

Is it sulit? It may be a bit pricey compared to the first ones mentioned, but you're paying extra for skin-loving ingredients in its formula. It's still a wise buy!

Generation Happy Skin Kiss & Bloom Water Lip & Cheek Tint in Serene, P329, Lazada

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A'pieu Juicy Pang Tint

The A'pieu Juicy Pang Tint is perfect for days when you want to look cute, but you're too tamad to put makeup on. You can score a dewy complexion and a kissable pout with these, thanks to its glossy formula.

Long-wearing score: 4/5

Price per gram: P565/4.5g (4.37ml) = P129.29 per milliliter

Is it sulit? It's a good splurge—you can easily score a K-beauty look with the Juicy Pang Tint.

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A'pieu Juicy Pang Tint, P565, BeautyMNL

Rom&nd See Through Matte Tint

The Rom&nd See Through Matte Tints create a natural-looking flush on the cheeks—people won't suspect that you're wearing any makeup. The sheer mousse formula gives your pout a nice hint of color and a dose of hydration.

Long-wearing score: 3/5

Price per gram: P680/3.8g (3.69ml) = P184 per milliliter

Is it sulit? It's a good splurge, especially if you're a fan of the no-makeup look.

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Rom&nd See Through Matte Tint #1 Pink Fold, P680, Beauty Beat

Peripera Ink Gelato

The Peripera Ink Gelato has a gel and velvet formula which makes it a hydrating lip and cheek tint with a great color payoff. Almost every Cosmo editor has this tint in her makeup bag!

Long-wearing score: 4/5

Price per gram: P520/3.5g (3.4ml) = P152 per milliliter

Is it sulit? It's a sulit splurge! Every time we wear this, people always ask what's on our lips and cheeks.

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Peripera Ink Gelato in Lively Red, P520, Lazada

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