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15 Things You Can Relate To If You Love Wearing Lip Gloss

'My lip gloss be poppin'.'
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Did you hear? Lip gloss is back! If you, like us, are obsessed with the volumizing lip product, scroll below to see if you can relate to one (or all) of these things!

  1. You have a love-hate relationship with the wind.

    It's great that it can cool you down on a hot day, but when it pushes your hair to your lips and messes up your gloss? Not cool, wind. Not. Cool.

  2. It's like wearing a liquid highlighter on your lips.

    The slick finish of a gloss can emphasize your pout and make it look more youthful. Sounds exactly like what a highlighter can do the high points of your face, no?

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  3. You never pack lip balm because why?

    2018 lip glosses are actually very hydrating. Who needs to pack another beauty product when you already have a two-in-one with you!

  4. Same goes for a mirror.

    Lip glosses are literally a swipe-and-go product. It's amazing how their formulas just seem to evenly coat your pout.

  5. You cringe at the idea of wearing liquid lipstick again.

    While you still love a good, long-lasting liquid lipstick, you just can't imagine having dry and cracked lips at the end of the day anymore.

  6. But you're not opposed to wearing it with lip gloss during special occasions.

    Time to pull out the big guns! Gloss layered over a lipstick or lip tint will always look glamorous.

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  7. 10 minutes to get ready? No problem!

    Unlike liquid lippies, you never need to be precise with glosses. Plus, you don't need a mirror! (See #4)

  8. It's also really easy to recreate the glossy lid trend.

    Need to quickly change up your eye makeup? Easy. You just swipe on a bit of gloss on your lids and *bam.* You're already sporting the latest cool girl trend!

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  9. You've worked hard at finding the perfect gloss formula.

    It may have taken a while, but it was all worth it to find a lip gloss that was non-sticky, had the perfect amount of pigment in it, and actually lasted long.

  10. You actually carry different colors in your bag.

    You need one for day and night, and special occasions, duh.

  11. The smell is intoxicating.

    What is it with their fruity/sweet scents? They're all amazing.

  12. You don't care if you leave stains on your drinking glass, your BF, or anywhere else.

    You're used to it and DGAF—life's too short to care about such irrelevant things.

  13. You know your pout will always look great in photos.

    Lip glosses catch the light so whenever you have your photo taken, you're guaranteed that your pout will look fresh and plump. ;)

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  14. And that you can practically wear it with ANY makeup look!

    You know the "rule" that you can only play up either your eyes or your lips? Not with lip gloss! Whether you wear it with a bare face or pair it with a bold and glittery smokey eye, it will still look pretty and not overly-done.

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  15. Rihanna is your queen.

    Love her or hate her (But really, how could you hate her?), she put lip gloss back on top! Gloss Bomb is, as the name suggests, the bomb.

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