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Can You Do Your Whole Face Using ONLY Liquid Lipstick?

Nothing is impossible if you're creative enough.
PHOTO: Youtube/jeffreestar

After the makeup challenge of using just highlighters to do your whole face, YouTube beauty gurus have moved on to yet another interesting trick: a full face of makeup using only liquid lipsticks.

We've heard of people using liquid lipstick as their eyeliner, but this challenge calls for a full face of liquid lipsticks. No primer, no foundation or concealer, no powder, nothing!

The challenge was started by Amy Mercado:

Jeffree Star and MannyMUA were quick to try it out, creating what could be one of the most entertaining videos on YouTube:

NikkieTutorials is the latest to join the bandwagon, and man, did she SLAY:

This would so be a fun challenge to try with your liquid lipstick-obsessed girlfriends!

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