This MUA Turned Into All Of Ariel's Sisters In 'The Little Mermaid'

PHOTO: Instagram/theofficialariel

If you can't tell from his Instagram handle (@TheOfficialAriel), makeup artist Richard Schaefer loooves The Little Mermaid as well as all things Disneyfrom the princesses to other characters like Peter Pan, and Jane from Tarzan.

But it's clear from his feed and moniker that his heart is dominated by a certain red-headed mermaid. And now, he took that to the next level by not just transforming into Ariel—but into ALL of her sisters, too! 

Scroll below to see his ah-mazing makeup transformations for all the daughters of King Triton:

There’s Aquata, the eldest. Fun fact: In Ariel's Beginning, Aquata is the fourth sister. 

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Andrina definitely stands out with her bright golden hair and purple pout!

But Arista's platinum locks and red lip are a killer combo, too.

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We're getting some major '50s vibes from Attina, from her kilay to her cat eye.

On the other hand, Adella's gorg bright green makeup looks like it came straight from the '80s!

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In the prequel film, she's described as glamorous. We definitely agree with that, as Alana's dark mane and red monochromatic makeup give a sexy, sultry vibe.

As for the youngest, Ariel, Richard's look is SPOT ON. Even the lips and brows match the color of her hair!

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Which of King Triton's daughters is your favorite, CGs?

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