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OMG, You Have To See Liza Soberano Get A Miss Universe Makeover By Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr gives Liza Soberano a Miss Universe beauty queen makeover
PHOTO: (left) YouTube/PatrickStarrr, Instagram/heyitspeterrr_ via Instagram/patrickstarrr

It's the moment many of us have been waiting for—Liza Soberano was finally given a beauty queen makeover by none other than Patrick Starrr!

According to Patrick, the look they went for included "a beautiful red-carpet smokey eye," along with a dose of "L.A. glamor." Starting off by doing Liza's brows off-camera, Patrick gave the actress a warm welcome with an addition to her so-called *L.A. starter pack*—Liza's first time being part of a makeup tutorial on YouTube!

Patrick Starrr gives Liza Soberano a Miss Universe beauty queen makeover eyebrows
Patrick used an eyebrow pencil to fill in and define Liza's arches. YouTube/PatrickStarrr

While they were reminiscing about the first time they met (on a PAL flight going back to Los Angeles around a year ago, nbd), Patrick brought up a small piece of trivia: Liza actually played Pia Wurtzbach in the "Korona" episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya. So this isn't her first foray into the beauty pageant industry!

Liza Soberano played Pia Wurtzbach in the 'Korona' episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya
Liza reenacts the scene where Pia is announced as Miss Universe Philippines 2015! YouTube/PatrickStarrr
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Opening up about her move to the U.S., Liza shares that it's a lot easier to build her career if she's stateside. "They're always constantly looking for in-person meetings. It's hard to book the job when you're meeting people over Zoom, they can't really tell what your personality is like, or they can't really see what you actually look like."

Liza's goal? "I want to become a world-class actress." And after landing her first Hollywood role in Lisa Frankenstein alongside the likes of Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse, she's already got her foot in the door.

Kathryn Netwon and Liza Soberano in 'Lisa Frankenstein'
"Lisa not Liza aka Kathryn and it’s Liza not Lisa aka Taffy #LisaFrankenstein"—wow, this'll get confusing! Instagram/kathrynnewton

"But I'm also just getting started with my music career," she reveals. Signed with the Careless record label in the Philippines and Transparent Arts in L.A. (owned by the hip-hop group Far East Movement!), Liza's been taking vocal and acting lessons to train. Her ideal vibe? "I love K-pop!" So think K-pop, but edgier. "I'm not a birit queen."

Patrick Starrr gives Liza Soberano a Miss Universe beauty queen makeover eyeshadow
Tip: If you don't have that perfect light nude eyeshadow shade, take a light powder foundation and apply that instead! Don't forget to blend your lid into the darker crease colors—it supports a smokier wing, and you get a nicer transition. YouTube/PatrickStarrr

Liza was actually born and raised in the Bay Area, so a move to L.A. was never off the cards. "I moved to the Philippines when I was 10. I'm 24 now, so I've been working since I was 12—that's 12 years!"

Patrick Starrr gives Liza Soberano a Miss Universe beauty queen makeover eyeliner
To cop this fierce wing, Patrick used a black liquid eyeliner pen "backed by a brown smokey liner" to support the lashes. YouTube/PatrickStarrr

Taking that step was a huge decision for her, but she's all about making her own choices in 2023. "My goal really is to become my own person, because for so many years I was in a love team [with Enrique Gil] and that's mainly what I was known for; or I was attached to so many different brands. I never was able to build up my own personal branding. I feel like this year and the next few years is all about figuring out what I really want to do with my career and personally finding out what excites me, what fuels my passion."

Patrick Starrr gives Liza Soberano a Miss Universe beauty queen makeover bronzer
When it comes to being photogenic on camera, especially flash photography, use cream products because flash doesn't care for powders—here, Patrick used a cream bronzer to contour. And putting bronzer around your lips is "a very J.Lo thing," but it does make your pout look bigger by adding shadow and dimension! YouTube/PatrickStarrr

In between grilling Liza like it was her turn to go through a Miss Universe Q&A, Patrick still found time to keep things lighthearted and fun. For example, after the smokey eye was done he instructed viewers to use a primer to set everything: "I'm just gonna try to blur whatever I need to—which is absolutely NOTHING, but for the sake of the tutorial..." he said jokingly.

And yes, for the curious at heart—Patrick confirmed that for Miss Universe, candidates do their own makeup: "It's truly a beauty queen pageant, you have to do everything." This was confirmed by Pia herself!

Patrick Starrr gives Pia Wurtzbach a Miss Universe beauty queen makeover
Pia shares, "You have to know how to do your own makeup if you want to join a beauty pageant, because there's not going to be a makeup artist there everyday." YouTube/PatrickStarrr

Having been in the business for over a decade, Liza has portrayed several roles onscreen. But when pressed, the actress shares that she has a love for characters "rooted in reality...[like] someone that could be your best friend." But she is also a huge fan of "really out-of-this-world fantastical movies." Remember when she had a Harry Potter-themed 19th birthday celebration? The proud Ravenclaw also visited the HP filming set in London! (Patrick wins though, revealing a custom-made CHOCOLATE FROG CARD at 10:20).

Patrick Starrr gives Liza Soberano a Miss Universe beauty queen makeover blush
Modernize the blush look by going as close to the undereye as you can—just in the area beneath the outer corners of your eyes—to lift the cheeks. YouTube/PatrickStarrr

When it comes to looking good for the camera, Pinay celebrities are known to have their go-to glam teams. "We become such great friends with our glam team. My makeup artist, tito Mickey [See], he is also my ninong. I got him for my baptism, to become my godfather," Liza reveals. 

Patrick Starrr gives Liza Soberano a Miss Universe beauty queen makeover foundation setting powder
Follow the Tiktok trend on baking: Blend, set, and bake! Normally, you'd blend, bake, then set—but this just means you bake afterwards if you need to. Don't forget the neck area! After setting the face with powder foundation, go in and stamp in the slightest amount of baking powder beneath the eyes to set it in. Use a powder bronzer to lightly set the cream bronzer around the forehead! YouTube/PatrickStarrr

Of course, looking good in front of the camera can lead to a celebrity growing a fanbase, and celebs aren't exempt from having their own fangirl moment. Liza namedropped BLACKPINK's Jennie as her *biggest crush*. "We just met, [but] I wish we were friends. They are so sweet! It was so fun just watching them. I didn't know I was going to meet them, I thought I was going to watch the concert. I was brought to the VIP area and as soon as I entered the room I recognized everybody. Lily-Rose Depp was there..."

Liza Soberano Jennie Kim BLACKPINK concert
"I’m the happiest girl @jennierubyjane", Liza said. Peak fangirl moment, unlocked! Instagram/lizasoberano

"I was trying my best not to freak out, because these are all people that I adore. I was trying to keep it cool but on the inside I was freaking out. I met all of them, they're just so sweet. No matter how tired they were after performing, they were so accomodating." Sounds like us when we eventually get our own celebrity meet-cute, TBH!

Patrick Starrr gives Liza Soberano a Miss Universe beauty queen makeover fake lashes
Apply the fake lashes underneath your real lashes. Patrick suggests varying sizes (10, 12, 14) and used the glue to coat one mascara, then applied each lash individually. YouTube/PatrickStarrr

When the final touches were complete, Patrick asked his muse for the day how she felt about her Miss Universe look. "I feel so glamorous right now!" Liza gushed. "I've never really done big hair like this, and the whole pageant look."  

Patrick Starrr gives Liza Soberano a Miss Universe beauty queen makeover setting spray
Go for a natural lip color, this is almost rosy because it looks like Liza's lip color. But make sure to compliment the cheek color as well! Here, Patrick used two different setting sprays: First, a luminous setting spray to make it dewy and make all the powder melt in. Then he locked it all in with a water-proof setting spray. YouTube/PatrickStarrr

Since we can't get enough of Liza's beauty queen transformation, here are several *stunning* photos Patrick shared on Insta:

Patrick Starrr Liza Soberano Miss Universe makeup transformation
Photographed: Liza Soberano's crowning moment after Patrick Starrr dubbed her "Miss Universe 2023". Instagram/heyitspeterrr_ via Instagram/patrickstarrr
Liza Soberano Miss Universe makeup transformation
Liza Soberano's crown is similar to the iconic Phoenix Mikimoto Crown worn by Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. Instagram/heyitspeterrr_ via Instagram/patrickstarrr
Patrick Starrr Liza Soberano Miss Universe makeover
Featuring the makeup artist (Patrick Starrr) and the muse (Liza Soberano). Instagram/heyitspeterrr_ via Instagram/patrickstarrr

Watch the full makeup tutorial here:

I turned LIZA SOBERANO into Miss Universe 2023 | PatrickStarrr

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