Make Over Your Life Activity: Doing Your Own Date Makeup (How-To Video)

As Amie's first Make Over activity, we got a makeup artist to teach her to do her own date makeup in time for V-Day--or any day!

Last month, you met Cosmo's Make Over Your Life Campaign winner, Amie Perez. Now, you'll get to witness her first activity in this year-long campaign. We got The Makeup Forum's Al De Leon to teach her to do her own date makeup, in time for Valentine's Day.

And even if she doesn't snag a date in time, Amie is so happy to know the wonders of eyeliner, mascara, and a four-color eyeshadow palette, which you'll see in this demo video. She can, after all, use these tricks for any occasion.

To read Amie's reaction to her first activity, read her blog post.

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