Make Over Your Life Activity: Learn To Do Your Own Date Makeup

Cosmo's Make Over Your Life campaign winner, Amie Perez, gets one-on-one makeup lessons from a pro and tells you all about it!

Get a professional to do a girl's makeup for a day, and she could instantly look more stunning for as long as she has it on. Teach her how to put on her own makeup, and she could look amazing everyday.

This is what I realized after my first Cosmo Makeover activity: a personal date-makeup lesson. Straight from my all-nighter call center training class, I met up with the Cosmo team and my makeup artist/tutor, Al De Leon from the Makeup Forum. I showed up with no makeup, no sleep, and tons of excitement. The challenge, I thought, was how not to look puyat even if I really was. I also wanted to learn how to flaunt my best facial features. So read on, fellow Cosmo girls, because this is your makeover, too. I shall tell you about the essentials.

I am a self-confessed makeup fan. I use it almost every day, though I had always been comfortable with just the basics—pressed powder, lipstick, blush, eyeliner pencil, mascara, and the occasional eye shadow. But I wanted to step out of my comfort zone by trying new products and techniques. Good thing, the makeover wasn't just a one-time-big-time treat. I was given a lot of practical tips on makeup (not to mention a complete makeup kit for creating wonderful date looks, courtesy of The Body Shop) that I could use everyday, on my own, on different occasions.

To really make the activity interactive and educational, Al did one side of my face, and then I did the other. I got a little self-conscious because of the cameras around, but I got more comfortable as the makeup lesson progressed. Check out my video on Cosmo TV for more detailed makeup tips (coming out next week).

To start with, I got a refresher course on what to do before putting makeup on
, such as hand washing and the basic skincare routine: cleanse, tone, moisturize. We sometimes take these simplest things for granted, or even skip them altogether. Then, I got introduced to my new best friend: a concealer pencil from The Body Shop. It was really fun to apply. Just use it like a crayon on your problem areas, and pat it with your fingers to blend. I loved it because even if my face is mostly blemish-free, I hated my acne scars and the dark circles under my eyes—tell-tale signs of stress and lack of sleep. So whenever I need to look fresh and well-rested in a snap, this is the one product that I now couldn't do without. It was like literally erasing the effects of years of call center work, at least on my face.

Then it got a little scary. I never bought liquid eyeliner, or even dared to touch it. I didn't know how to use it, considering my inability to draw a straight line. But Al showed me how, and then came my turn. I hesitated at first, and when I finally took a shot at it, well, I did mess it up. It was a good segue into a pretty useful makeup tip, though: Whenever you make a mistake with liquid eyeliner, wait for it to dry before removing it using a cotton tip (preferably the cosmetic ones with a pointed tip) and baby oil. Persistently, I practiced on the liquid eyeliner as soon as I got home. After a few attempts, I finally made it. Since then, I would experiment every once in a while with different looks I could come up with through different strokes. Now I could easily get gorgeous eyes, and the good part is that I could do it myself!

My other favorite part of the makeover was when I was introduced to my other new best friend, the eyelash curler. Actually, I'm lucky enough to be blessed with long lashes. Mascara worked enough wonders for them, so I didn't feel the need for that freaky-looking gizmo. Amazingly, when used the right way, an eyelash curler can open up sleepy eyes, and make them look brighter and sexier. It doesn't even matter if your eyelashes are naturally long or short. The right amount of mascara could easily do the trick. Again, it pays to try new things.

When my entire face was done, I noticed how my skin became glowing and more even, my cheeks had a natural flush, my eyes looked more open, and my lips were more kissable. Did I still look puyat? Definitely not. Seeing my transformation from fatigued to fresh instantly gave me a surge of energy to vibrantly smile for the camera. The great thing about it is I now know how to create a fresh, blooming face any day--even on V-day, date or no date.

Sometimes I wonder: does good makeup really improve a woman's confidence? Or does it take confidence for a woman to pull off good makeup? After this activity, I realized that it's not just one or the other. These two factors, looking good and feeling good, actually go hand in hand. Getting enough sleep is important. But for us Cosmo girls who need to sacrifice it every once in a while, we shouldn't let stress get in the way of looking fabulous. Makeup is just one of many ways we could improve how we feel both inside and out. So whether you're a night shift worker, a devoted housewife, a diligent student, a doctor always on call, a party animal, a committed businesswoman, or a certified model employee, you deserve to still be beautiful. Every day.

Check out pictures from Amie's makeup lessons by clicking the gallery button below!

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