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These Celebrity MUAs Revealed Their Best 'No-Makeup' Tips

Can't seem to get it right?
PHOTO: (left) instagram/nikki_duque; (right) instagram/mikkamarcaida

A classic "no-makeup" makeup look is always easier said than done. In fact, some pros would tell you that this kind of glam can take even more time than a smoky eye. It takes effort to look effortless, as they say. So if you want to master this look for yourself, practice is key! To make things a little easier, we asked professional makeup artists to reveal their foolproof tricks so you can try them out at home:

  1. Mark Qua

    "My favorite trick for 'no-makeup' look is learning how to apply your products in the subtlest way. When you learn how to [do that], the more natural your makeup will look."

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  2. Jigs Mayuga

    "My favorite trick for achieving the no-makeup look is to diagnose the condition of the skin first. Then prep it with the proper skincare products, addressing any texture or issues such as blemishes, oiliness, or flaking. If done properly, this will make the base will lay on smoothly, which is the 'foundation' of great makeup."

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  3. Nikki Duque

    "Keep it light and use one product for the eyes, cheeks, and lips."

  4. Jason Delos Reyes

    "Put your skin first. Exfoliate once a week, moisturize every day, and use sunscreen. Use a sheer coverage foundation to even out your skin tone and use a translucent powder in areas that tend to be oily—using too much is a mortal sin."

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  5. Sydney Matterson

    "Use mascara, lip gloss, and blush!"

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  6. Mikka Marcaida

    "Less is more. Start by prepping your skin and use products that are highly blendable like creams!"

  7. Slo Lopez

    "I love using sheer layers. So I layer face powders and concealers in different tones for things like bronzer, contour, eyeshadow, and even blush to make something really cohesive."

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  8. Mac Igarta

    "Spot correction! This technique doesn't require using a full-on foundation. Just put concealer on the areas that have discoloration and set it with a translucent powder and then you're good to go."

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  9. MJ Bornales

    "Use natural, peachy, and earthy tones. I prefer using peach and nudes especially when I'm creating that flushed 'I woke up like this' look."

  10. Anthea Bueno

    "Work in thin layers. Take the time to blend each step properly."

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  11. Justine Navato

    "Put on a layer of just the right amount of cream-based products (blush, highlighter, and contour) before setting everything with powder for a more natural-looking finish."