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You Need To Try This Makeup Brush Cleaning Hack Immediately

Why did we not think of this?!
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I can guarantee that one of the items on your quarantine to-do list right now is to clean your makeup brushes.

We know all too well the hell that comes with cleaning your makeup brushes. It takes an eternity, your foundation never comes out the bristles, your fingers go all pruney and you end up with a top that's soaked in water.

But much like this makeup sponge cleaning hack, YouTuber Jamie Genevieve has found a technique that could severely lessen the dread that comes with a pot of dirty brushes.

Clearly sensing we're all in need of some therapeutic viewing right now, Jamie uploaded a "Clean With Me" video to her YouTube channel and included her trick for a quick and thorough brush clean.

Starting off with a literal crate of dirty brushes (and you thought your pot was too much to bear) Jamie shared that she swears by Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Rose Pure-Castile Soap because it doesn't damage your tools.

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Next, she fills her sink with the soap and warm water (to avoid continuously running the tap) before grabbing her secret weapon: A sieve.

That's right, a stainless steel sieve that if we're honest, we're too lazy to use even when we're making a cake. "This is my hack. This thing gets all the dirt off of my brushes so easily," Jamie revealed.

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Jamie then demonstrated her technique on a badly stained eyeshadow brush, dipping it in the water and then rubbing the bristles on the mesh of the sieve to remove the pigment.

As you can see from the video above, the before and after is BEYOND THRILLING.

Think we all know what we're doing tonight (after watching Jamie's video, obviously...


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