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5 Makeup Mistakes You're Making If You're Always In A Rush

Like skipping moisturizer!

We're all for a five-minute face, but no matter how tactful you are, skipping certain steps will result in fatal consequences—otherwise known as creasing, shine, and dry patches. To keep your hard work intact, make sure you're not guilty of the same ol' mistakes.

1. Not fixing excess oil from the get-go

Oil is enemy numero uno for a long-lasting face—even when you're cleansing properly, it can still rear its ugly head. Before you apply anything, run an oil-absorbing sheet over the most shine-prone areas of your face like your T-zone or chin.

But don't stop there—your eyes are just as important. Celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose suggests blotting the lids with a tissue or cotton ball, as well as the upper and lower lash lines with a Q-tip. This will keep everything from your foundation to eyeliner smooth and matte.

2. Skipping moisturizer

Not only is this terrible for your thirsty complexion, but you're setting yourself up for an application that ages you and accentuates dry patches. Massage moisturizer into the skin, let it sink in for at least five minutes, then apply foundation. ALWAYS.

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3. Blending your foundation wrong

In other words, you're spreading your foundation around in one even, streaky coat. It's leaving harsh edges and not concentrating coverage in the spots you need it most. What you should be doing is pressing or tapping it into the skin in small, circular motions from the inner face outwards. This is what will give you the most natural melted effect. You can do this with a dense face brush, beautyblender, or your fingertips (our go-to in a pinch or otherwise).

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4. Not setting everything with loose powder

Yes, you got rid of the excess oil, but that's not the only thing causing your makeup to slip. Creamy concealers and foundation will begin to crease as the day wears on if not set properly. To keep product from settling into fine lines, always dust on translucent loose powder (the more lightweight, the better). Just be wary of over-powdering, which will make your makeup look caked on and dull your glow.

5. Clumping your mascara

It's happening because you're not:

- Wiping off the excess product before you start swiping. Glide the tip of the brush over a tissue or napkin so that spare clumps don't end up in your lashes.

- Swiping from the *roots* of the lashes. Start at the bottom of the lash line, wiggling the brush back and forth upwards to ensure an even, non-spidery application.

- Screwing the cap of the mascara back completely! This causes the mascara to dry out, which never looks good.

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