Here Are Tips To Try If You Love Makeup But You Wear Eyeglasses

Look cute and have clear vision at the same time!
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Here's the sitch: You love makeup and you're all for trying out the most ~extra and elaborate~ eyeshadow lewks! But alas, you wear eyeglasses. What's the point of eye makeup if you wear glasses, right? It's gonna be covered by your frames, anyway. That's where you're mistaken because you can still look cute, and have clear vision at the same time!

Here are some tips and tricks for all the specs-wearing makeup junkies out there:

  1. Curl your lashes

    Applying mascara on your lashes without curling them if you wear glasses is a big no-no, as it will just get all over your frames. Curling them will also make your eyes appear bigger, which is especially helpful if your specs make your eyes look smaller than it actually is.

  2. Apply primer on the bridge of your nose.

    Primers don't just work to smooth out your skin's texture and blur pores, it also helps in making your foundation stick. You would know that if you wear eyeglasses, the area where the nose pads rest tend to oil up throughout the day which can potentially ruin your makeup. Dabbing a bit of primer on the bridge of your nose will help a lot.

  3. Have fun with colored liners!

    If you're too lazy to do an elaborate, multi-step eyeshadow look (honestly, who has the time?) but you still want to draw attention to your eyes, experiment with colored liners! A cat eye drawn in a cool hue other than usual black or brown is a surefire way to make your eyes look ~*extra*~.

  4. Conceal, conceal, conceal!

    There is a common misconception that if you wear eyeglasses, you don't need undereye concealer anymore because your frames will cover the area anyway. This is not true. The shadow created by the frame can actually make your dark circles look worse. Use a brightening concealer to remedy this problem.

  5. Invest in a good setting powder.

    With or without glasses, not setting your base with a setting powder can cause your foundation to run. Concentrate some on the bridge of your nose to prevent the product from rubbing off the area.

  6. Put white eyeliner on your waterline.

    Applying white eyeliner on your waterline can give you the illusion of bigger peepers. This is a good tip to practice for those who are near-sighted (*cough* me *cough*) because your specs can make your eyes appear smaller than it actually is IRL.

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