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This Girl's Celebrity Makeup Transformations Are So Good, It's Scary

That Ian Somerhalder transformation though!
PHOTO: Instagram/atrebor8

Beauty vlogger Roberta Atrebor first caught our attention after she posted this eerily accurate video of her transforming into Cara Delevingne. It’s SUPER spot on, you guys:

So we went back to her Instagram account to check if there’s anything new, and came across the video below. Behold, Roberta’s Taylor Swift makeup transformation!

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There’s also an Ariana Grande one which Roberta 100% nailed. Seriously, this girl has talent.

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And this flawless recreation of Ian Somerhalder’s handsome face. WTF.

As well as an ~*amazing*~ David Beckham one that would confuse even his wife.

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Roberta’s currently polling her followers on her next project. Justin Bieber, Kanye West, or Paul Wesley? Share your vote by commenting on her post below!

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