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10 Makeup Tricks Every Twentysomething Needs To Learn

PHOTO: Jico Joson

Late bloomer when it comes to makeup? No problem! Here, 10 makeup tricks every twentysomething should learn:

1. Swap your makeup brush for a makeup sponge

Looking for a flawless finish? Ditch your old foundation brush and start using a makeup sponge to blend in your makeup seamlessly. Besides, unlike foundation brushes that literally only work on foundation, a makeup sponge can be used on powders, creams, and liquids—you get more out of your money.

2. Give contouring a chance

Forget the whole idea that contouring is only for celebrities and Instagram. Add contouring to your routine, as it can enhance your face shape. We’re not saying you should go all-out like those crazy transformation videos on the internet—just lightly use sculpting products on areas that you wish to contour, like the hollows of your cheeks, forehead, and jawline. Don’t forget to blend!

3. Fake a glow with highlighter

With the proper placement and the right tools, you can totally look like a glowing goddess with highlighter. The trick is to always start with a light hand and then build it up as you go to keep yourself from overdoing it.


4. Tightline your eyes

Open up your eyes by lining your upper waterline with waterproof eyeliner. This creates the illusion of bigger eyes and thicker lashes. Perfect for no makeup-makeup looks.

5. Use bronzer—it can change your makeup look instantly

First, bronzers and contouring products are not the same! Bronzers are made to add warmth to the skin, while contouring products were made to create shadows on the face to “recede” certain areas. Using a bronzer in your makeup routine will save you that espasol finish we all try to avoid. Dust bronzer on the areas where the sun would naturally hit your face. ~*sun-kissed glow*~

6. Prep your skin before applying makeup

You might be one of the many women who make the mistake of applying foundation directly on bare skin. However, smoothing a moisturizer before foundation will ensure your makeup looks fresh and dewy longer. Plus, it helps your liquid foundation glide onto your skin smoothly!

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7. Use primers when necessary

No one deserves to have melted makeup! For long days or special occasions, use a face primer to keep your foundation and concealer in place the whole time. Other primers are also available in the market for your eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, and even eyebrows.

8. Wash your tools regularly

Ideally, you should wash your makeup sponges and brushes every other use. But since that can be too hard for someone who leads a busy life, washing them once a week will be enough. You can use baby shampoo or anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid to get rid of makeup residue and germs. If left unwashed, these tools can do serious damage on your skin.

9. Don’t be afraid to add color to your makeup routine

Ditch the usual neutral look and incorporate colored eyeliners or bright-colored lipsticks to your makeup routine—don’t forget to have fun with makeup!


10. Invest in a good makeup remover

It can be something as simple as makeup remover wipes and cleansing balms or something more sophisticated like micellar water—as long as it takes every bit of makeup off your face. 

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