Brace Yourself: A 'Mean Girls' Eye Shadow Palette Is In The Works

So fetch.
PHOTO: Instagram/storybookcosmetics

If Mean Girls is one of your top five favorite movies (if it isn’t, who even are you?!), you are going to lose it over this latest beauty rumor.

Storybook Cosmetics, a new cosmetic company that burst onto the beauty scene with its upcoming Harry Potter wand brushes, recently posted a very exciting teaser on Instagram: a Mean Girls-themed eye shadow palette is on the way.

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Judging by the sketch and the caption that reads, "Tentative idea, all depends on licensing," this dream-come-true palette is still very much in the beginning stages. BUT! Can you only imagine how great this will be if everything works out? Mean Girls makeup is so genius, I have no idea why it hasn’t happened yet. I only hope they come out with a perfume too, so we can all smell like a baby you know what.

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The cover of the palette is modeled after the burn book (another genius move), and every fan girl can appreciate the clever color selection and their corresponding names, which are also some of the greatest lines from the movie. I want to live in a world where I can wear Mean Girls pink eye shadow on Wednesdays, "Army Pants" green, and look fetch all day long.

If this palette actually happens, you need to get on that wait list. It’s just, like, the rules of feminism.

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