Beauty Brands With The Best Millennial Packaging

Simple, practical, and beautiful!

Gone are the days of beauty products housed in highly detailed and extravagant packaging. Today, it's all about clean and crisp designs that are excellent for traveling or being on-the-goif there's one thing to say about millennials, it's that they are always on the move. As such, they need products that are practical and easy to carry around.

Curious as to which beauty brands embody "millennial packaging"? Here are the best of the best:

Herbivore Botanicals 

From their face masks to facial oils to hair sprays, all of Herbivore's products are flatlay-worthy! If there's one thing we can learn from this, it's that ~less is more~.

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Every beauty addict knows Glossier's signature packaging and logo by heart. They're not just about the looks, of course—each of their products is easy to use and delivers on its claims!

Simple Skincare 

Simple's packaging is, for lack of a better word, simple. But that doesn't mean their products are, toothey have some of the best affordable micellar waters and moisturizers in the market!

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Jen Atkins' haircare line is awesome AF. But what adds to its appeal is the minimal packaging that looks "effortlessly beautiful"aka the vibe every millennial aims to have with her hair.

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Korean products are known for their adorable and colorful packaging, but when Heimish debuted a sophisticated look with streaks of pink, gray, and green (to name a few), we instantly fell in love.



Francois Nars knew what was trendy before it even was a trend. For years now, NARS has been releasing holy grail-worthy products in packaging that can only be described as timeless and iconic.

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A brand made for millennials by millennials. Twin sisters Ally and Taylor Frankel designed the collection with their mom and focused on easy-to-use crayon products that emphasize your natural beauty!

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Milk Makeup 

Colorful makeup in transparent packaging? PERFECT. 

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