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Minimal Makeup Looks To Try, As Seen On Barbie Forteza

Simply effortless!
PHOTO: Instagram/barbaraforteza

Whether you're just learning to do your own makeup or you're already a pro applying it, you will always turn to minimal makeup looks. They're effortless and don't call for advanced techniques like baking and contouring. One celeb who is a fan of this simple makeup style is Barbie Forteza.

We noticed that she's fond of fresh-faced looks, so her feed can be your source of minimal makeup ideas. Check out the best ones we found below:

  1. Peachy neutrals

    Thanks to Barbie, we're now looking for our peachy nude blush and lipstick in our kikay kits!

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  2. Just pinks

    We are seriously loving her barely-there pink look. Here, she just applied cheek tint and a mauve satin lipstick.

  3. In the red

    Here's a quick way to make a neutral MOTD less boring: Draw a red feline flick.

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  4. Fresh and matte

    Although Barbie's complexion appears to be matte, her blush created a subtle glow.

  5. Lash wishes

    When you're wearing a bright top, it's best to stay safe and go for a neutral makeup look. To appear more polished, put on a pair of false eyelashes.

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  6. The underliner

    Who says you can't wear color on your lower lash line?

  7. Simply sweet

    Barbie chose to let her flawless skin do the talking. To define her features, she just had her brows filled in and swiped a muted pink lipstick on her pout.

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