Never Have Any Time To Do Your Makeup? This P195-Foundation Should Make It Easy

They say you can't rush beauty, but there are ways! Here are a few.
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Ladies, let’s face it: Even if we always want to look our best at any given time in our most well-put-together outfit and face, more often than not, real life (and real-life hustle!) gets in the way. In today's frantic-paced world, who really has the time to achieve that? And really, how do the busiest yet most polished looking girls do it?

Their secret? Their kikay kits are never complete without a trusty foundation. It’s a must-have when of all the days, something potentially life-changing happens—and you have zero time to do makeup. Days when:

There's a big client meeting

Just when you thought it was going to be a chill day at work, your boss calls and sends you to a big client meeting. Consider it an opportunity for promotion. Better make a good impression starting with your look. For your makeup, a flawless base such as EB All Day Liquid Foundation will help you rack up those plus points. You can have it as sheer and natural as you want it to be, but you can also double up on the product application if you want the perfect canvas for heavy makeup. This way, you can look like you have flawless skin so you won't look haggard no matter how your day unfolds.

Your crush suddenly asks you out

You’re busy scrolling through your feed when a chat pops out—it’s from your crush! He’s wondering if you’re free to get dinner tonight. While you’re trying to contain your kilig, there’s a slight panic on your end because 1) you don’t know how to reply without sounding too excited and 2) you feel conscious about that acne scar on your face. Use a liquid foundation such as EB All Day Liquid Foundation which easily covers up blemishes and uneven skin tone. Choose a shade closest to your skin. There’s Silk (very fair), Porcelain (fair), Oriental (medium) and Olive (morena). Dab the teensiest bit, reply with a “G” and you’re good to go.

You’re running late to a gig

It’s payday Friday and, as expected, traffic is going to be wild. We can’t blame everybody for wanting to go out and treat themselves. (We all deserve it!) To celebrate having a job and getting to pay the bills, you and the gals decide to watch your fave band perform. The gig starts in an hour and you’ll need a miracle to get there on time. Luckily, you can prep while in transit because your foundation finally comes in a handy tube packaging. It’s now easy to dispense the right amount so your look won’t appear cakey the moment you step out of the car.

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