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Now You, Too, Can Look Like A Disney Girl


Promise Phan (or dope211 in the YouTube community) has some mad makeup skills, you guys. If you stalk her channel, you'll discover that she is crazy-good with makeup transformations—Disney transformations, to be exact!

Like, Maleficent.

And Mulan

And Elsa from Frozen

Also, Tinkerbell

And Snow White

How about Merida from Brave?

Truthfully, it's not like tomorrow we'll wake up and decide to look like a Disney character. Because despite Promise Phan making these transformations look sooo easy, we know they aren't! But her YouTube page really is one of the most interesting and dynamic channels ever (P.S. She can also teach you how to look like Beyonce or Miley Cyrus). So if you're looking for some time to kill on the Interwebz, you can hang out at her place.

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