People Are Contouring Their Necks Now

Okay, it probably CAN work.

The days of contouring are still not over as people keep finding clever ways to do it on their bodies. Today, we spotted the latest one to hit the Internet: neck contouring.

The video shows a woman using sculpting creams on her nape, creating the illusion of a long ballerina neck to make her updo standout more. Bronzers were used on the edges, while a brightening concealer was used on the center part of the nape. (P.S. We have to say, her blending was A+ even though she probably couldn’t see what she was doing!)

We think this contouring trick will work for special occasions, especially if you’ll be pairing your updo with a backless top or a tube dress. Other than that, we don’t think anyone wants to bother cleaning out makeup from collars and straps.

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