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Brace Yourself For Powerpuff Girls Makeup

Save the world one lip tint at a time!
PHOTO: Instagram/peripera_official

What millennial didn’t grow up obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls? Back in grade school, recess almost always involved play-acting scenes from the show, with you and your friends calling dibs on your favorite characters (and no one wanted to play the Professor or Mojo Jojo).

Now, it’s time to relive that childhood, because Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are the latest characters to get their own makeup collection! Korean cosmetics brand Peripera first shared the teaser poster below, setting Monday, November 21 as the launch for the line. Needless to say, that grayed-out image already told us A LOT:

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And here’s a clearer look at the collection! Cushion compacts and eye shadow palettes and lip tints, you guys!

Based on information we found online, there’s a Blossom cushion compact and hand creams for each of the girls. There are also Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom palettes featuring earth-toned metallic shadows, and lengthening and curling mascaras. Four lip colors round up the collection: a hot pink Peri’s Ink Velvet matte liquid lippie, cherry red and reddish-orange Peri’s Ink Stick lipsticks, and a pink Peri’s Tint Water stain. Check out swatches below:

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Expect to shop them on the official website in the coming days!

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