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This Girl Doing Her Makeup Is Literally All Of Us

Petra Mahalimuyak FTW!

Facebook/Petra Mahalimuyak

Petra Mahalimuyak—or Ashley Rivera IRL—rose to Internet stardom a few years ago after she released a series of hilarious videos on YouTube. She just uploaded a new video, and we have to say, she’s still hella funny!

For her latest video, she goes back to her ~*roots*~ and shows us this hilarious makeup tutorial. (Her first video ever on YouTube was a makeup tutorial, too!) Watch her try to cover up her zit, contour her face, and perfect her winged liner, and be reminded of how you are when you try to do your own makeup. Honestly, we were laughing the whole time because she just put into words EVERYTHING we think of when doing the same thing:

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