Pia Wurtzbach Teaches Us How To Do The Perfect Daytime Makeup Look

Watch her tutorial to find out all the products she uses!

Here’s a beauty tutorial you definitely wouldn’t want to miss! Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach shows off her impressive makeup ~skills~ by detailing her everyday daytime look:

Queen P starts off with skin care—an important step that ensures your makeup applies smoothly and stays put for hours. She swears by the MAC Lightful Softening Lotion and shares that she brings this with her everywhere she travels. She follows this up with eye cream and primer. 

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Once she starts applying her base, Pia uses two shades of foundation:  a lighter one for her forehead, cheeks, and under-eye area; and a darker shade around her face. This trick draws in light to the center of the face, creating a soft and natural contour.

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Nowadays, a girl can’t leave the house without putting on some kilay! Pia uses THREE different shades of brow pencils to create full but natural-looking arches. #dedication

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Since this is a daytime look, Pia sticks to barely there shadow for her eyes. She also disproves the belief that tightlining your eyes will be uncomfortable AF, saying, “Pain is temporary, trophies are forever!” Now that’s a nugget of wisdom we can all use in our lives!

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Once she hits the contour step, Pia illustrates her trick for nabbing her signature razor-sharp cheekbones.

Lastly, lipstick! “You don’t have to be technical about it. Just put it on,” Pia encourages. SO TRUE. Her go-to shade? MAC Kinda Sexy

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Watch the entire video below!

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