This Girl Mixed Eye Shadows To Create A Pizza Highlighter

Food and makeup = two of our favorite things in the world.
PHOTO: Instagram/

What happens when you combine two of your most (!!!) favorite things in the world (like food and makeup)? This, apparently:

20-year-old makeup enthusiast and beauty blogger Gina Kay recently shared her fantastic invention on her Instagram, and it has since gone viral. She captioned the photo, “My pressed highlighter broke today so I decided to mix it with loose shimmer eyeshadows and rubbing alcohol to create a pepperoni pizza highlighter.” YUP. SHE MADE IT HERSELF!

The cool part is that it’s not all for show. The pizza highlighter can offer some SERIOUS highlighting action:

No word yet if Gina has any plans of making our #pizzahighlighter dreams come true, but we sure hope she ends up mass producing these!

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