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Products You Can Actually Use As Highlighters

No need to get more makeup!

So you’ve decided to get in on the whole strobing trend, only to realize that you don’t own any highlighting products? No problem! Here, four beauty products you probably already own that will work just as well as regular highlighters:

1. Petroleum Jelly. Rub a tiny bit of petroleum jelly to bring out your features. Take a small amount to highlight your brow bone and inner corners—you’ll instantly look more awake. Just remember to use a very small amount, so you won’t end up looking oily.

2. Eye shadow. Using a fluffy brush, apply your shimmery white, champagne, or nude shadow on the high points of your face. For a more natural look, you might want to opt for a cream eye shadow—just don't forget to blend it out properly, so you won't have weird specks of shimmer left on your face.

3. Face oils. Get dewy, glowing skin by applying a drop of facial oil and massaging it onto the areas you want to highlight. Apart from the highlight, the oil will also moisturize your skin, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

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4. Concealers. You’ve probably noticed that some concealers contain a bit of shimmer in them. Use them to brighten certain areas on your face. 

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