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Check Out This Woman's Jaw-Dropping Makeup Transformation!

Apparently, it's become a popular beauty trend in China.
PHOTO: Weibo via Facebook/9GAG

Remember this viral video showing Chinese women taking their makeup transformations to the next level? Apparently, it's a popular trend in China called "face sculpting!"

Now, another Chinese woman has left the internet shookt via her "face sculpting" video! Newsflare identified her as a university graduate named Qi Huahua. In the video, she contours, highlights, and tapes her features, making her barely recognizable by the end.

But the best part is when she took it ALL OFF to prove that it's still actually her. She removed the prosthetics on her nose (When did she even apply it???) by stabbing a tiny pair of scissors through the bridge of her nose. It was~*so kewl*~ and weird at the same time!

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