Rainbow-Colored Brows Are Now A Thing

Yes, really.

The kilay obsession continues: people are now dyeing their brows in bright colors.


And some even go as far as to using all the colors of the rainbow!

The trend might seem a little bizarre, but they work on these girls!

We know what you’re thinking: HOW THE EFF DID THEY DO THAT? According to hairstylist Elaine Ganuelas of L’Oreal Professionnel, the only way to achieve colored brows is by bleaching the arches first to get rid of the hair’s natural pigmentation. “You have to make sure the bleach won’t touch your skin, because that will really hurt. You also have to be very careful, because it’s so close to your delicate eye area. For your safety, it will be best to get a professional to do it instead.”  

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