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Here's A List Of All The Makeup Looks Regine Velasquez Can Do Like A Pro

The Asia's Songbird has always been her own expert.
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ICYDK, Regine Velasquez is known in the showbiz industry for doing her own makeup-whether it's for everyday occasions, commercial shoots, or concerts. Can't believe it? Check out these looks she did herself.

Daytime Glam

We're in love with this look by Regine! It's classy and easy to transform to night makeup. You, too, can make a statement with bold red lips and a light, gentle blush.

Peachy and Ethereal

Here's Regine looking every bit the queen she is. And she's definitely not afraid to play with color! Complement colorful eye looks with some glow by keeping your skin dewy and your lip color subtle but glossy.

Bronze Smokey Eye

If you're in the mood for nude, Regine's updated smokey eye is the perfect peg. Blend the bronze and peach shades in the BYS Eyeshadow Palette NUDE 4 to create a soft and muted look.

Glam Grunge

There's nothing like a bit of drama to get the evening started. Take inspiration from Regine, and play up your eyes with metallic shades from the BYS Eyeshadow Palette METALS. Don't forget to add definition to your face with the BYS Contour and Highlighting Kit.

Monochrome Look

A monochromatic look is perfect for lazy days and special occasions. To make sure a bold eye and lip isn't overwhelming, make sure your eye shadow hue is lighter than your lipstick shade.

Natural Makeup

Upgrade your "no makeup" look with a subtle pop of color. Instead of wearing your go-to MLBB shade, opt for a darker shade of pink.

Regine has always been her own expert, which is why we find it fitting that she's fronting BYS Cosmetics' new campaign. Dubbed REIGN, the campaign invites you to be your own expert with their eyeshadow palettes: Euphoria, Nude 4, Rebel, and Peach 2.

Shop the BYS Reign collection at more information, follow BYS Cosmetics on Facebook and Instagram for updates on their products, as well as tips and tricks for pulling off their makeup.

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