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Rhian Ramos Used A P50 Hair Color Cream To Tint Her Eyebrows

It's available in the drugstore!
PHOTO: instagram/whianwamos

One of Rhian Ramos' defining features is her full eyebrows—they make her look fresh and youthful! While her bushy arches can majorly be attributed to genetics, her kilay routine also plays a huge role in how she maintains their style and color. For them to appear even thicker without the need for makeup, she tints them at home. (Pro-tip: Darker arches can take years off your face!)


Luckily for us, we won't be stuck in the dark wondering how we can score kilay like hers. Rhian shared her brow tint regimen in one of her vlogs. The best part? The exact coloring set she uses is only P50, plus it's available in Watsons. Keep on scrolling to know more:

Rhian shared that she uses the Hairfix Hair Color Cream in Dark Brown. It comes with a tube of dye, plus a developer. To make the paste, she mixed equal parts of cream and developer. Before she applied it, though, she advised to never do this while our tresses are tied up in a ponytail or bun because it might alter the shape of our brows.

She then applied the mixture all over her brows using the pointy end of a cut-up cotton bud. If you go beyond your hairs, make sure to clean it up immediately using a wet cotton bud. She then left the dye on for 12 minutes and removed it using a damp cotton pad.

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(Ed's note: Always be careful when working with dyes on your eyebrows because you might irritate your eyes. Proceed with this DIY tinting routine with caution.)

Check out her before and after pictures. Yay for instant kilay!

Youtube/Rhian Ramos

Here's the exact product that Rhian uses:

Hairfix Dark Brown Hair Color Cream, P49, Watsons



Watch Rhian's step-by-step tutorial here:

How I Tint My Brows at Home! (+hairline hack!!) | Rhian Ramos

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