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Should You Contour Your Forehead?

Malapad na noo?

Have you heard of the four finger rule of contouring?

Celebrity makeup artist Wayne Goss recently posted a video on his YouTube page explaining the ruleshowing how you can figure out where to place the contour on your forehead. Here’s what we picked up:

First, begin by placing four fingers flat against your forehead, just above your brows. The number of fingers you fit on the area will determine where and how you should contour your forehead.

If you were able to fit…

Four fingers

Apply contour on the top of your forehead, near the hairline, and bring it down to your temples a little.

Three fingers

Focus your contour on your temples and a little near your hairline.

Two fingers

Don’t even think about contouring your forehead! Doing so will make your brows appear closer to your hairline—which is a little weird.

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