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Solenn Just Did A Makeup Transformation On Nico And It's The Best Thing Ever

PHOTO: Youtube/Solenn Heussaff

Two weeks ago, we all laughed so hard when Nico Bolzico did Solenn Heussaff's makeup. (We're still not over it.) Solenn shared that she made him do it so that he can understand why girls take so long to get ready.

On, the French-Filipina beauty revealed that before they shot that video, she actually did a makeup transformation on her husband. She ~*forced*~ him do it so Nico can really experience what it's like to glam up like a woman.

"After months of begging, he finally allowed me to release it! True love talaga. Haha. Nico kind of got an idea how makeup works when he did mine, but since we filmed this video first, he had absolutely no idea what was going on," she wrote.

She then shared how she thinks Nico looks so much like CNN's Natalie Allen, and this gave her the idea to transform him into the news anchor. Spoiler alert: He's SO pretty!

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Get ready to LOL again with our fave funny couple:

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