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These Thai Beauty Tricks Will Change The Way You Do Your Makeup

We're doing all of these ASAP!

Other than Korean idols and celebs, one more group of people that's high up on our beauty inspo list are the Thais. Known for their flawless skin and beautiful looks, we can't help but try and incorporate their style into our own. It also helps that we share the same humid climate as they do, so you know that the makeup will stay on your face.

Ahead, we put together some tricks that Thais employ in their fresh-faced makeup looks. Keep on reading to be guided:

  1. Prep the skin before starting.

    And we don't mean just prepping your skin by applying primer. If possible, use a moisturizer before that to further enhance the "glass skin" look that's very trendy among Thais.

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  2. Apply a light makeup base.

    For a dewy base, choose a light cushion compact or BB cream that will camouflage redness and any dark spots. It also looks a lot more ~natural~ than using a heavy, full coverage foundation.

  3. Stay away from heavy brows.

    Just like Koreans, the Thais love sporting softly filled in straight brows. The shape and arch make them look more youthful. 

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  4. Place your contour higher.

    To give the illusion of higher cheekbones and a slimmer face, apply your contour a bit higher than where you would normally place it.

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  5. Softly blended eyeshadows are a must.

    For their "fresh lang" makeup looks, they prefer to *really* blend eyeshadow to appear like diffused pigment. They also apply ones with light shimmer on them to emphasize their peepers.

  6. Put white eyeshadow on the puffy part of your undereyes.

    In Thailand, the puffy bags under the eyes are celebrated. They apply a white, shimmery shadow to make the area appear more prominent as they believe this gives them a more youthful, doll-like appearance.

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  7. Pack on the blush.

    The "drunk blush" trend isn't just a huge thing in our country—it's a big hit with Thais, too! They also make sure to go over the bridge of the nose for a more natural flushed look.

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  8. Create a gradient lip.

    Popsicle lips are also a big thing among Thai women. To recreate this, simply apply a lighter shade on the perimeter of your lips, then use a deeper shade on the center and dab it.

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