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The 10 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks We're Super Thankful For

Thank you, beauty geniuses!

1. Strobing.

As amusing as contouring is, it really just wasn’t for everyone. That’s why when strobing made it big, we peed our big girl pants in excitement. The result? Skin that looked like it was naturally glowing and healthy.

2. Brushing the brows down to fill in the sparse areas.

Brushing the brows downwards will reveal any bald spots that you have, making filling in your brows a breeze!

3. Thinking of your natural lip color when applying lipstick.

We picked up this tip from Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic. He explains that to make lipstick colors pop, cancel out your lips’ natural undertone with some foundation or concealer. Doing so will really bring out your lippie’s hue.

4. How to find the right shade of brow product for you.

According to K-Palette Japan makeup artist Yuko Kameyama, “[Your] eyebrows are in between your eyes and hair. When choosing the color for your brows, the shade should be in between the color of your eyes and your hair.” Genius, huh?

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5. The right way to apply cushion compacts!

We learned about what Koreans call the “heart zone” on the face—the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. These are the only areas on your face where you should apply your product. The technique will help draw in light only in the center of your face, making for a soft contour.

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6. The Halo Technique

We picked up this technique from celebrity makeup artist Wayne Goss, who demonstrated a gorgeous way to apply highlighter. Instead of only focusing on the high points of your face, the Halo technique involves applying highlighter on the apples of your cheeks, or where you would usually apply blush.

7. The life-changing way to layer your mascara.

Start by applying one to two layers of mascara before leaving the house, another on your way to work, and the final layer when you finally get to the office. Doing so will give the product enough time to settle and coat your lashes.

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8. Multimasking.

The truth is no one face mask can answer ALL of our skin’s needs. The different areas on the face have different problems and needs, so it makes sense to use different products on them.

9. Double cleansing.

The first step to getting better skin is by learning how to take care of it. We learned how to do the double cleansing method, which involves using an oil-based cleanser to melt away makeup and a foaming facial wash to get rid of dirt, grime, and oil.

10. Using two different shampoos in the shower.

This one REALLY changed our hair routine! Instead of using just one type of shampoo in the shower, we now use a clarifying one on our roots and a hydrating one on the lower half and ends of our hair. #mindblown

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