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The 12 Best Beauty Hacks For Lazy Girls

You can thank us later.

Save time, money and sanity with these genius shortcuts—we've tested them all, and we're obsessed.

1. Sanitize Brushes in Seconds

Forget special cleaners: Once a week, swirl your makeup brushes into a wet bar of antibacterial soap. Rinse with cool water, and prop them on the edge of a baking tray, so they dry at an angle, bristles down.

2. Lock Down Eye Shadow

Before applying shadow, fill lids with matching pencil, says Sir John, celeb makeup artist for L'Oréal Paris. The waxy base grips shadow and intensifies color.

3. Revive Dried-Out Mascara

Add five drops of saline solution (the type used for contact lenses), shake, then warm the tube with a blow-dryer for 30 seconds to emulsify, says Benjamin Ruiz, director of global creative artistry for Laura Mercier.

4. Prevent Polish Stains

Trace nails with cuticle oil before removing polish. The barrier prevents color from staining skin, says Michelle Saunders, celebrity manicurist for Essie.

5. Score Endless Shades of Lipstick

Good news for your beauty junk drawer: Eye shadow plus petroleum jelly equals the perfect DIY lipstick. Just scrape a bit of shadow off the top and mix.

6. Get a Clean Smoky Eye

Before you start, pop on a pair of under-eye treatment patches. They'll catch any crumbles of powder and hydrate and depuff skin.

7. Give Bobby Pins Grip

Before sticking them into your style, mist with a generous coat of aerosol hair spray for non-slip staying power.