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The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Contouring Your Face

Blend like there's no tomorrow, girl!

1. You're not blending your bronzer.
You're on the right track if you place the bronzer below your cheekbones, but you're sure to end up looking like you have dirt on your face if you don't blend it properly. If you choose to swipe it along your jawline, be sure to diffuse the color, so as not to leave harsh bronze strokes on your face. You better blend like there's no tomorrow, girl!

2. You applied a lot of highlighter alongside your bronzer and didn't blend them.
When contouring, no one should know you used a bronzer-highlighter combo to make your features pop. You don't want to end up looking like a tiger, so blend, blend, blend!

3. You're contouring your under eye area by accident.
There's a difference between trying to knock out dark circles and making your eyes glow (in a bad way). To avoid accidental under eye contouring and yet still cancel out any dark shadows, use an orange-toned concealer and then top it with a concealer that matches your skin perfectly.


4. You're wearing too much blush.
When you're trying to contour your cheekbones to make them pop, the proper placement is over the apples of your cheeks (smile and they're the round part that juts forward) and up toward your temples. But the application should always be soft! Also, you never want to bring blush close to your nose, since it can make you look like you're ill; if you accidentally drag the color too close to the sides of your nose and nostrils, use concealer to make take away the pink tones.

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5. You're using a bronzer that is way too dark for your skin. 
When you're shopping for bronzer, choose one that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone. Also, bronzer should be applied just below your cheekbones to make them standout (a cool trick is to apply your formula holding your bronzer brush vertically so only the tips of the bristles touch the area under your cheekbone). Oh, and shimmer bronzers should be used in small doses—matte formulas always look more natural.

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