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The Do's And Don'ts Of Eyeliner

Never share. EVER.

1. Do know what type works for you.

There are five types of eyeliner: cake, gel, pencil, liquid, and powder.

Powder or shadow liners are the easiest to apply, so try practicing with those first.

Good quality pencil liners should glide onto your lids smoothly. But be wary, because they also tend to smudge easily due to their creamy formula. New to eyeliners? Pencil liners are perfect for everyday use.

Try using liquid, gel, or cake liners once you’re more confident—they're usually long-wearing and perfect for precise application.

2. Do prep your eyes.

For eyeliner not to smudge, try applying a bit of eyeshadow primer (foundation works, too) onto your lids. Let it set for a few minutes and then go ahead and draw your cat eye. If you’re using a pencil or gel liner, try setting it with matte eyeshadow—which helps everything look more natural, too.

3. Do apply liner as close to the lash line as possible.

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This will make you look like you have really full and thick lashes. If there’s a noticeable gap between your liner and your lashes, run your liner over the area again.

4. Do let liquid liner set first.

Opening your eye right after applying liquid liner is a rookie mistake we’ve all made at least once. Always let your liquid liner dry for a few minutes before opening your eye to avoid a stained crease.

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5. Do start with a light hand.

As in all things makeup. Line lightly and then layer to your heart’s desire.

6. Don’t line just the bottom of the eye.

If you have dark circles in your under-eye area, doing this will make things worse. So do this only if you're going for costume makeup or attending a Halloween party.

7. Don’t tug or pull on the skin around your eye area.

While it makes applying eyeliner easier, it also leads to premature sagging of the eye area.

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8. Don’t make one straight line across the eye.

The nearer it is to your inner corner, the thinner the line should be.

9. Don’t use liquid eyeliner for your lower lash line.

Go for a pencil liner, which is easier to smudge and blendmaking you appear like you have naturally-thick lower lashes. Liquid liners can't be blended, so you might end up looking like you used a Sharpie on your lower lash line. No, thank you!

10. Don’t share your eyeliners.

Not even with your mom! Any product that comes into contact with your eye shouldn’t be shared. If you do, you risk getting infections like conjunctivitis, pinkeye, or even herpes.

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