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The Easy Makeup Trick That Will Make You Glow

Trust us when we say 'easy.'

ICYMI, full-coverage and matte makeup is totally passé. Today, it’s all about dewy, glowing, and natural looking finishes on the skin. Simply put, the less makeup, the better.

To achieve this look, we picked up a new makeup tip from celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury after watching a video she did on her YouTube page. In the video, she recreated the makeup look she did for Amal Clooney on her wedding. Charlotte describes the look as “divine, fresh, and easy-to-wear.” 

Naturally, she starts with skincare. But at around the 1:54 mark, we were surprised to see her grab one of her signature products, Wonderglow, a gorgeous liquid highlighter.

Instead of applying it only on the high points of the face as we normally would, she diffused the product all over the model’s face. She then proceeded to apply lip balm and then eventually, foundation, concealer, and everything else you would normally have in your makeup routine.


The result is absolutely gorgeous! Layering a liquid highlighter before foundation really gave that dewy, lit-from-within, luminous look on the model’s skin. And that’s something any woman would love, even if it weren’t her wedding day!

Totally trying out this trick!

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