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The Easy Trick To Make Your Kilay Stand Out

Make those arches the focus of your face!

We love ourselves a full and fabulous set of eyebrows. Which is why we’re constantly searching for new tricks and hacks to have them consistently #OnFleek.

Seventeen reports that Kylie Jenner enlists the help of celebrity makeup artist Hrush Achemyan to demonstrate an easy holiday-ready look, which she posted on her website.

Hrush applied concealer above her brows and then blended it out seamlessly. The simple trick made her brows stand out, framing her face even better. We’ve heard of applying concealer on the brow bone, but we haven’t really tried applying it above the brows. This is pretty smart.

You can use the same trick when applying a bold lip! Because the concealer will brighten the area around it, it will make the color pop even more. Just don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!

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