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The Kilay Hack You Should Try Today

Up your brow game!

Apparently, it’s really easy to achieve pang-artista eyebrows—all you need to do is use two slightly different shades of brow powders on your arches.

Here’s the simple logic behind it: using just one shade of brow powder can make your brows look flat, while adding another shade will add dimension to your brows, making it look more natural.

There are two ways you can try this trick. First, you can fill in your brows by drawing thin, feathery strokes with the darker shade, and then go back again with the lighter shade. Brush your brows out with a spoolie to blend the colors together after.

You can also try applying the darker shade on the inner half of your brows and go lighter towards the tail end, and you’ll look like you naturally have perfect kilay.

Do you have any kilay tips you want to share with us? Let us know by commenting below! 

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