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The Life-Changing Way Girls With Monolids Can Do Their Eyeliner

Pure genius!

Girls with monolids—meaning there's no crease or fold on their eyes, unlike others—know that applying eye makeup can be a hassle. You try your best to blend eye shadow and draw eyeliner properly, only for everything to disappear once you open your eyes.

Fortunately, an eyeliner how-to by beauty blogger Working With Monolids went viral on Instagram, and we’re pretty sure it’s the solution to every monolid girl’s eye liner issues. Presenting, the “floating eyeliner” trick:

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It works just as well with colored and glitter liners:

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The key to nailing this look is by being smart about the placement of your eyeliner. If you look closely, she placed her liner where the crease would naturally be and not on the lash line. If you want to try this out, we recommend looking straight into the mirror, so you can figure out where to apply your liner. Then, with a light hand and pencil liner, draw a light sketch of where you’ll put your line. Once you’re confident with the positioning, make your line more precise with a gel or liquid eyeliner. Keep practicing until you master this life-changing hack!

Now, you’re probably thinking that it might look a little awkward, since the eyeliner is way above your lash line. But trust us—no one will notice unless you close your eyes for a long time!

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