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The Makeup Boo-boo Hollywood Celebs Are Guilty Of

Remember Angelina Jolie's red carpet disaster? Here's how you can evade this beauty faux pas.

When an A-list actress is getting ready for a red carpet premiere, you can be sure that she’s got a whole team behind her look. That’s why it was such a surprise to see stars like Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman fall victim to one of the biggest makeup mishaps ever—getting photographed with white, finishing powder all over their faces.

So what’s the culprit behind this guffaw? HD makeup, apparently.

“The spherical micro-particles in the powder create a soft-focus effect and will reflect the light of flash photography quite intensely,” explains Erika Saenz, Make Up Forever’s regional education manager for South East Asia. “The finish is absolutely invisible to the naked eye and in photos that are taken without a flash,” says Saenz. Well, that explains why Brad didn’t notice that there was something crazy wrong with Angie’s makeup!

To avoid photo disasters like this in the future, the solution is simple: Use your regular liquid foundations and loose powders when you’re getting all dolled up—especially if you’re not going to be shot with a HD camera. And when shopping, read the fine print to make sure it “doesn’t contain soft-focus effect, spherical micro-particles,” reminds Saenz.

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Happy primping, Cosmo girls!

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