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The Makeup Step You Can Definitely Try

Look ~*Flawless*~

We know the basics of creating a flawless base of makeup: foundation, concealer, contour, and powder. These four steps only change if you wish to get in on different trends that blew up in the past year like contouring, strobing, and clown contouring.

Lately, another “trend” is getting big on Instagram, all thanks to this post of YouTube beauty guru Tiana Cosmetics:

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Using a concealer palette comprised of different pastel colors, she painted almost her entire face with different stripes and then blended everything in. The result? A seamless base.

What she used is called color-correcting makeup, and she used different colors of concealer to neutralize and brighten the different areas of the face. The explanation behind it is simple: colors that appear opposite of each other on the color wheel neutralize each other. This means that orange concealers can neutralize dark blue under eyes, and green concealers can get rid of any redness. (We made a full guide of color-correcting concealers here!) The same rules also apply for colored primers, btdubs!

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Using color-correcting makeup is an extra step that you can definitely try if you’re going for a full face. But because it requires a ton of product to be applied on your face, it might not be best for normal days.

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We suggest using colored concealers only if you really need it. Say for example, you wake up with a really red zit on your forehead, go ahead and reach for that green concealer and hide that little bitch. For your under eyes, if they’re not that dark and blueish, you can totally get away with just using a regular brightening concealer.

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