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The Makeup Step You Should Try To Get Glowing Skin

Have you tried highlighting already?

Have you ever looked at someone’s selfie on Instagram and thought, “Bakit mukha siyang effortlessly glowing!?” Case in point:

Notice how Gigi Hadid’s features seem to be more accentuated, making her whole face appear brighter? The secret is really all in the highlighting!

Highlighting is a makeup step that uses shimmery powders, liquids, and creams on the high points of the face—where the light would naturally hit—to attract light to the area, creating the appearance of naturally-glowing skin. Once the products are blended out evenly, you instantly look like a ~*glowing goddess*~.

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Highlighter is usually applied in these areas:

1. Top of the cheeks. Right above where you put your blush to instantly create the illusion of bright and dewy skin.

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2. The bridge of the nose. To make the nose appear slimmer and pointier.

3. On the brow bone. Just below your natural arch to give your brows definition and an instant lift.

4. On your Cupid’s bow. For a fuller pout.

5. Inner corner of the eyes. To make the eyes appear bigger and more alive.

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If you’re one of the many women who fear using highlighter because you might end up looking like a greasy mess, trust us when we say that you won’t, as long as you apply it properly. Here are some tips:

1. First of all, choose the right product for your skin type.  Most women find that the easiest type to work with is powder, because it gives just the right amount of shimmer and glow. Cream and liquid highlighters are particularly good if you have dry skin, because most of them are infused with moisturizing ingredients.

2. How you apply it is key. For powder highlighters, use a fluffy face brush—a smaller blush brush or blending brush will work, too—to distribute the product evenly. For creams and liquids, you can use a Beautyblender or a synthetic buffing brush. To save yourself from looking like a mess with shimmer all over your face, always begin with as little product as possible. It’s easier to build up your highlight rather than to cut down on it.

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3. Blend, blend, blend. Blending your highlighter will help the products melt beautifully onto your skin.

4. Select the right shade. Not all highlighters are made equal! Most highlighters have champagne and bronze tones, and these work on almost every skin tone. Some have deeper bronze tones, and those work particularly well for morena girls.

5. Learn to layer. If you want your features to pop even more, layer your highlighting products. Start with a cream or liquid highlighter as your base and let it set. Then take a powder highlighter and layer it on top to set the products—you’ll be glowing all day long.

6. Mix it with your foundation. Want glowing skin all over your face? Mix a bit of your liquid or cream highlighter with your base—it will make your skin instantly dewy, even if you’re super tired.

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