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The Makeup Tricks Real Girls Swear By When They're Puyat

You'll look like you had eight hours of sleep.
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We all stay up late every now and then, whether it’s to pull an all-nighter for work or to have a fun night out with the girls. Unfortunately, our faces look puffy and our eyes droopy when we lack sleep. To help you look well-rested, we asked real girls how they fake a fresh face after being puyat the night before.

1. Fake a healthy flush.

“A sweep of pinkish blush is my foolproof solution to make myself look healthy and well-rested after a late night out. I usually look sallow and pale when I lack sleep and having a healthy flush of color on my cheeks always does the trick.” —Debbie Cuna, trainer

For a healthy flush, go for a light pink or coral shade to flatter your skin tone. In2it’s cream blush can give you a natural-looking wash of color whether you apply it on bare or made-up skin.

IN2IT Cream Blusher, SRP: Php 259.75


2. Define your brows.

“Yes, kilay is life, but it also gives life to a tired-looking face! Eyebrows give an instant lift to the eyes, and they frame your face. No matter how puyat I am, I never step out of the house without grooming my eyebrows.” —Minay Espiritu, dentist

Create natural-looking and long-lasting eyebrows—perfect for the office and out-of-town trips—with In2it’s waterproof brow powder, which comes in three shades of brown.

IN2IT Brow Powder, SRP: Php 379.75


3. Open up your eyes.

“My eyes get really droopy when I lack sleep, but a little winged eyeliner always helps make me look polished for work even if I’m puyat. Just a few swipes on the edges of my eyelids and my eyes look alive.” —Nikki Cuna, graphic designer

Gel liners stay on longer, so they keep your wings’ tips sharp throughout the day. Try In2it’s gel liners for all-day staying power.

IN2IT Gel Stay Waterproof Gel Liner Pencil, SRP: Php 379.75


4. Nourish your tired skin.

“My skin gets really dry and sallow when I lack sleep. Obvious na obvious talaga kapag napuyat ako the night before. To perk up my skin, I put on a rich moisturizer after washing my face, and I spray my face with a face mist throughout the day to wake me up and nourish my skin at the same time.” —Melanie Maglinao, student

In2it’s mineral mist nourishes the skin as a makeup base and setting spray. You can also use it throughout the day to refresh your skin.

IN2IT Mineral Setting Mist, SRP: Php 299.75


5. Add a pop of color with lipstick.

“Even if I don’t have makeup on, a rich pop of color on my lips instantly makes me look prettier. It keeps the focus away from my tired eyes and gives color to my pale skin.” —Kim Melendrez, interior designer 

In2it’s pearly liquid matte lipsticks may be matte, but they have a hint of iridescence, giving your lips just the right amount of sheen for a fuller look.

IN2IT Pearly Liquid Matte, SRP: Php 379.75


In2it is available in leading department stores nationwide and on Lazada and Zalora. Follow In2It on Facebook to know more about its products.

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