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The Mascara Technique You Have Yet To Try

Who knew you could do this?

Makeup brands usually promise us life-changing mascaras that won’t demand much effort and dedication on our part to score full and luscious fringes. While some actually work, majority of the time they’re just gimmicky.

Truth is, if you’re not blessed with full and naturally-curled lashes, you do have to work double time to get the lashes of your dreams.  

Allure reports that one way you can score gorgeous lashes throughout the day is by applying your mascara in layers. Instead of piling on mascara every morning (that often results to clumping, WTF), they suggest doing it in three phases: one coat before you leave the house, one coat while you’re on your way to work, and the last coat when you’re finally at the office. The breaks in between applications gives the product enough time to settle and really coat each lash hair—a satisfying feeling every beauty girl knows very well.

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Sure, this technique requires a bit more effort than usual, but we say it’s definitely worth a shot. After all, nothing good or beautiful ever comes easy—that’s just how life is, even in beauty.

Totes doing this method tomorrow.

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