The Super Easy Trick To Get Fuller-Looking Lashes

Calling all lash addicts!

We just discovered a super easy technique to instantly score fuller lashes called “root stamping.” 

You’ll only need a mascara that you don’t really like—just make sure it’s not spoiled yet—and a pair of scissors. Take out the mascara’s wand and cut off the spoolie part to get your “root stamper.” Using a disposable spoolie will work just as well, too. (Just make sure you clean and disinfect it first!)

Curl your lashes and coat them with your favorite mascara. Then take your stamper, dip it into your existing mascara tube and press it onto the roots of your upper lash line. Doing this technique will not only make your lashes fuller, but it will also give them extra lift to help hold the curl better.

That's it! Ain't makeup fun?

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