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There Is Another Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes (Without Water)

And it involves using something for your hair.

Remember two years ago, when polished top knots were all the rage? We were all so obsessed with putting our hair up in perfect buns that we even bought a couple of those hair donuts to get sleek hair ‘dos.

Today, polished top knots aren’t as big anymore, so we’re pretty sure your hair donuts are just gathering dust in your drawers. But did you know that you can actually use it to clean your makeup brushes? When you’re switching between colors, that is:

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This hack actually reminds us of the popular Vera Mona Color Switch, a beauty tool that promises to clean your brushes without soap or water. By just swirling your brush against the sponge, you get rid of any excess product. One can cost $18 or just a little under P1,000, while you can get a hair donut for less than 100 pesos.

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We’re not saying that your hair donut should completely replace regular brush cleaning, because you definitely need soap and water to disinfect and deep-clean your tools. But if you're just spot-cleaning your brush while doing your eye makeup, it’s pretty good. We’re sold!

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