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These Are The 10 Important Beauty Questions You Googled This Year

We were pretty curious about Kylie Jenner, tbh.

2015 was a good year for beauty. We saw new trends: baking, strobing, unicorn hair, etc. and revisited old ones: brown lipstick, lip gloss, colored eyeliners, and more. The Internet played a HUGE role in making these beauty trends blow up—a quick search on Google will give you instant results. Here, the top 10 most Googled beauty questions of the year:

1. How to do the Kylie Jenner lip challenge?

The reality TV star originally said that all she ever did was over-line her lips with six different lip products, faking the appearance of fuller puckers. (And when she revealed the exact products she used, stocks went flying off the shelf, basically.) In May, however, the 18-year-old revealed that she did in fact get temporary lip fillers, as her thin lips have always been an insecurity of hers. 

Eventually, people started doing the #KylieLipChallenge, where people put their lips inside shot glasses and bottles and sucked inside it to fake the appearance of a thicker pout. In short, they made their lips look super maga ala Kylie. Although we’re sure the challenge was never meant to inflict harm on anyone, some people actually suffered serious injuries because of it. Hopefully, we won’t see any more stupid challenges in 2016.  

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2. What are lip fillers?

The obsession for fuller-looking lips was very much real. (Still looking at you, Kylie!) We read about a new treatment called “Cinderella Lips” where people could get temporary lip fillers to plump up their lips for a day or two. Beauty without commitment, that was pretty cool.

3. How to remove gel nail polish?

Gel nail lacquers became so popular in the past years, especially since more nail salons started offering them at affordable prices. Gel manis and pedis promise chip-free and hassle-free painted nails for weeks, but it was a bitch to remove as you had to go back to the salon. Because it took up so much time (and was expensive), most people turned to Google to search for DIY solutions. Be warned though, not everything you read is safe to try.

4. How to remove acrylic nails at home?

Just like gel polish, the removal of acrylic nails require the help of a professional. Save yourself from potential injuries by scheduling a quick trip to the nail salon. We love Pinterest as much as you do, but it can't answer everything.

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5. How to use beard balm?

Beard balms are used to soften and maintain a man's facial hair—and we think this trended because lumbersexuals, or "the urban woodsmen", were kind of a big deal in 2015. Also, hot guys in man buns.

6. How to do a French braid?

Not everyone is #blessed with mad braiding—or tirintas—skills like this mom. So we totally understand why this beauty Q made it to the number six spot.

7. How to pop a deep zit?

This one’s pretty gross, but it’s a legitimate concern that we’ve all experienced. Our best answer is this: DON’T DO IT. Because if you do, it’s going to bleed and leave a scar. And did we mention you might get an infection along the way?

8. How to get glowing skin?

In 2015, we bid goodbye to the fully matte and plakado makeup and welcomed the dewy and glowy skin trend with open arms. We love how it’s all about ganda lang makeup this year! We have a few hacks for you here, here, and here.

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9. How to put braids in a bun?

We got you!

10. How to make hair not “staticy”?

Guess y’all were talking about taming stray hairs and keeping them in place. The key is to keep your hair as hydrated as possible. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner combo and apply oil after showering. Use a wide-tooth comb and you're good to go.


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