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These Are The Makeup Trends For 2015, According To Vogue

It is #law.

Forget wearing marsala on your face!

According to Vogue Australia, swiping purple tones on your lids and a bit of a lilac on your cheeks is the best way to ring in the new year. The website just released their fearless forecast for beauty in 2015, and we gotta say we are loving the list!

Bold orange and red hues on the lips are still going to be HUGE in 2015, while sexy cat-eyes on the lids will still be a thing (You go, Taylor Swift!).

A couple of things that won't be cool anymore next year? Heavy contouring and shading (sorry, Kim Kardashian). Yep, Vogue predicts the bare face will be back—meaning there will be very minimal foundation and absolutely no bronzers on the cheeks.

BRB. Scheduling an appointment with our dermatologist, because our skin has to be ~*flawless*~.

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