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These Base Makeup Mistakes Are Keeping You From Looking Fresh

Avoid them at all costs!
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Fact: Makeup foundation application can be easily botched. Find out which of these no-nos you’re committing and how you can fix them to achieve a fresher, more natural look. 

1. Applying foundation on just your face

If you think base makeup is only for the face, then you’re only half correct. Your neck also needs some foundation love; leaving that area out could result in a mask-like application, as well as tidemarks, which are obvious lines where you can see where your bare skin ends and the foundation begins. To prevent this from happening, brush your foundation past your chin and jawline and blend into your neck area for a seamless application.

2. Using too much foundation

If you already have a great complexion to work with, then you don’t need to use foundation on your face and neck—unless you want to end up with a cakey layer that’s far from flattering. When it comes to your base makeup, less is more. Focus on your problem areas (like under the eyes or dark spots), then blend into your skin and apply concealer only on areas that need it.

3. Wearing the wrong shade

It's always off-putting when you see someone wearing foundation that’s about three shades lighter or darker than their natural skin color. Before purchasing foundation, choose three shades that are closest to your skin tone, then swatch those three on your jawline to find out which shade blends in best with your natural color.

4. Poor blending skills

Avoid applying foundation in warm or dim lighting. It’s important to have a source of natural light when applying your base makeup to make sure it’s thoroughly blended on your skin. To lessen the foundation around the edges of your face and the base of your neck, start from the center of your face then blend outwards.

5. Not prepping your skin properly

A smooth foundation application starts even before putting it on—specifically, during your skincare routine. Cleanse with a facial scrub once a week to slough off dead skin cells and avoid applying makeup on flaky skin. Use an oil-free moisturizer to make sure your foundation goes on smoothly. Finally, when it comes to your makeup routine, a primer is essential to anchor your foundation and make it last longer.

As soon as you have all the corrections down pat, don’t waste time showing off your new and improved no-makeup makeup look. For a smooth and flawless base, try the BYS Liquid Foundation Tube. It helps blur out blemishes and color-correct uneven skin tones. It also has buildable coverage that melts seamlessly into your skin. Complement the BYS Liquid Foundation with the BYS Concealer Tube and Pressed Powder for a more natural base.

Find out more about BYS products by visiting the BYS website and following the BYS Philippines Facebook page.

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