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These Girls Found Out How Much All Of Their Makeup Was Worth

And flipped out, natch.


Have you ever looked at the contents of your kikay kit and realized that, if summed up, they are probably worth more than the amount of money that you have inside your wallet? Yeah, same.

Buzzfeed gave these girls a little ~*reality check*~ after they revealed to them how much all the makeup they owned cost. The girls were given a chance to roughly estimate how much they think they own before the actual cost was revealed to them. We loved how the video ended with one girl saying that while she acknowledges the fact that her kit had more than $300 worth of products, "you can't put a price on happiness." AGREE!!! 

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Watch the entertaining (but also nerve-racking) video below:

Do you know how much your makeup collection costs? Or would you rather not know? (We’ll take the second option, TYVM!)

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